Steps to becoming a Participant:

Households interested in participating will be screened after filling out an application to determine their eligibility.  Services are only available for working individuals and families not receiving  assistance from SNAP or TANF.
How does one become eligible to receive services?

1. Complete a Participant Application.

Prospective clients will be screened after filling out an application to determine their eligibility. Please note that services will not be available to walk-ins or persons receiving government assistance.

After acceptance to the program.

2. Read the Participant Guidelines.

The Participant Guidelines are to help you understand the procedures for scheduling shopping and volunteer hours, making your monthly payments, and receiving or discontinuing services.

3. Pay the monthly participation fee.

The monthly fee helps to pay for a portion of our regular operating expenses such as warehouse maintenance, utilities, various services we provide, etc.

4.  Schedule volunteer hours.

Each household is required to volunteer two hours per month with the program. The activities are easy and enjoyable and can be performed by anyone regardless of their personal or physical skill level. Volunteer hours help keep expenses down and the program running efficiently while also creating a healthy sense of responsibility and participation.

5. Schedule shopping days.

Each household enrolled is eligible to receive two days of shopping per month. Food, clothing and small house hold items can be received during this time.

If you feel this program is for you, please call 503-339-7710 to schedule a tour or drop in during office hours to receive more information about our services.


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