Meet Taynen

Meet Taynen

“I’m thankful for Hope Station… It’s been a blessing to me,” Taynen says.

Like others who come to us, Taynen and her husband Sam were struggling to buy food for their family, which includes six children ranging in age from 10 months to 12 years old.

They had taken part in something similar to Hope Station in the past, but during COVID it closed its doors–and never reopened, she said. So, she began searching online for another resource. When someone mentioned Hope Station on Facebook last February, she knew she wanted to be a part of it.

“I like the idea that this food is not going to waste from grocery stores, so it helps me—and helps businesses in that they don’t throw the food out,” she said. “Knowing that we could get produce to can for the wintertime” was another plus in joining, she said. She has cut her food bill in half since she signed up last February.

In addition to food and other grocery items, the family has received diapers, shoes for their children, books, school supplies—and pillows, which were a timely blessing, she said. One day she talked about needing to buy new ones. And then, the very next day, she was delighted to find pillows among the offerings at Hope Station. “They were excellent quality, better than I could have afforded to buy!” she said.

Being part of Hope Station has enabled the couple to put money into savings each month, she said.

Being part of Hope Station has enabled her to put a little money into savings each month, she said. The family is planning to travel to Canada soon to visit family . And they will use some of the savings to cover the cost of gas.

Taynen has no regrets about joining Hope Station. “I’ve been hugely blessed by everyone,” she said. “Lupe, Lynette, Rene, and others, they are all the sweetest ladies. It makes me happy to come shop,” she said. “ I feel joy talking to these ladies—I just leave there happier.”

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