What our families say about Hope Station:

“As I sat down to dinner last night, I realized that almost everything on my plate came from the blessing of Hope Station.   We had salmon and swordfish kebabs, kalamata rosemary bread,  and even the special treat of Shirley Temples to drink (my kids were VERY excited about that!).  Even the butter we used on our bread and the napkins on the table were from Hope Station!  I just wanted to say thank you again to you and the generous donors who blessed my family of 7 with a complete dinner and treat tonight. Gratefully, C. D. Family”

“I have been helped by Hope Station with extra groceries that allow me to put money towards paying off debt…  Giving back my two hours a month blesses me while I am being blessed with food.” (Anonymous family)

“Since coming to Hope Station I have been able to provide more food and options for my children. Each shopping trip I come out of there with a couple hundred dollars worth of food. It has been an amazing blessing for my family. I have been saving probably at least $400 a month on food and household supplies. This savings helps me afford other bills and needs we have. I am so grateful for finding Hope Station and all that it is doing for my family. I have introduced other friends to Hope Station and hope they too will sign up for this great opportunity. Thank you for being a donor to a great organization. And thank you for supporting my family in these tough times.” (J.W. Family)

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